About Us

Welcome to Nickle Marketing. If you are here it means you are serious about business and making money.


Our journey began when we decided we wanted to create a legitimate online business, not only one that we could be proud of, but also one that helped generate income. What’s the point of creating a business if you don’t want to generate income? You get the idea.

Our main goal of Nickle Marketing was to make enough income to essentially “fund” our true passions in life. If you say business is your true passion in life then you are lying to yourself.

Music and Performing is our true passion. And Nickle Marketing has allowed us to “fund” what we love.


Once we figured how to achieve the above goal and the steps it took for us to get there we realize that we could help others achieve their goals as well. “Fund Your Passion” became our motto and we strive to help others accomplish this by providing them with knowledge and “Tips & Tricks” that we figured out along the way.

Funding your passion should be a goal that we all have and something we can all work toward.

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