THE Secret Tool For Real Estate Agents:

Realtor Closing Gifts, Incentives And So Much More

Frustrating things Realtors hear:

“Thanks for all your help but my brother is going to be my realtor now”
“We’re gonna save money using an online website like Homie”
“We’re just gonna be our own realtor this time”
“I’ll just call the listing agent myself”
“Your realtor fees are too high”

You get it.

Well, how would you like to be able to add the following phrase to the end of all the above EXCUSES.


Can you imagine having that kind of power?
Want more sales? Give away vacations! (PLURAL)
Want more clients? Give away vacations!
Want more referrals? Give away vacations!
Want more loyal clients? Give away vacations!
Plus, you will never have to lower your prices or fees when you can give away HIGH-QUALITY incentives.
A lot of realtors have even increased their fees.
Clients are still extremely happy as long as you can say, “Yes, my fees are a little higher, but if you close with me I will give you a vacation destination of your choice.”
They’re happy. You’re happy. It’s a win-win.

Imagine having that kind of power in your pocket.

This is not a joke!
No more lowering prices!
No more losing clients to family relatives!
No more struggling to get referrals!
No more unhappy clients!


Marketing Boost Pricing

Wanna know what the secret tool is?

It’s called Marketing Boost.

Marketing Boost has partnered with the world’s leading hotel chains and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms. Here is a FULL Marketing Boost Review if you need even more information.

Not only do you have the power to hand out vacations like candy, but as a member you get tons of training and resources.
Stuff like:

So now you’re thinking that it might cost a lot to give away vacations.


It’s a monthly/annual fee but you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is compared to how much it can help your business.

It’s 100% legit!
It’s not a scam!
NO timeshare presentation!

Plus, by signing up you can give yourself a vacation as well.

There are so many different ways you can use Marketing Boost.

Click the link below and sign up for the 7-day free trial. You have nothing to lose.

It really is the easiest way to improve and grow your business.

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