Marketing Boost Review [2022]
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All business owners know that marketing is crucial for a business to succeed. If you don’t know that then you won’t understand how Marketing Boost can really help your business.

No matter how great your product or service is, it can be VERY challenging to get referrals or keep clients. 

That’s why business incentives are such a great tool to have. 

There are dozens of solutions out there, and all of them claim to do amazing things. But one, in my experience, has really changed the game, allowing for owners to:

  • Easily Increase Sales
  • Retain customers
  • Get Referrals
  • Even raise prices

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When most business owners hear about Marketing Boost, they immediately think:

(Is it a Scam?)

You’re probably also reading this because what the platform offers is quite unbelievable. 

Who gives out unlimited vacation incentives to business owners to give away?

Apparently, Marketing Boost does, and in this comprehensive Marketing Boost Review, we’ll explore what the platform is about and how it can assist your business to make more sales. 

First, What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost is a marketing platform that provides businesses with complimentary vacations, hotel savings vouchers, and restaurant gift cards to use as incentives to convert more prospects to customers or even to motivate employees.

This gives an added urgency and added value to purchasing your products or services.

Formerly known as Advertising Boost, the platform works with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and industry insiders to get these high-value incentives for its members. 

These industry providers rarely have a full house, and earn zero income on empty rooms and free dining seats. 

Hence, they partner with Marketing Boost to give complimentary vacations, hotel gift cards, and restaurant vouchers as incentives. They do this so they can earn more money when guests spend on room service, shopping, fine dining, casino games, and other essential add-ons.

Ok, but can I use it in MY industry? 

You may be thinking that Marketing Boost incentives are for businesses in the travel industry only, but they aren’t.

Rather, they can be used by any and every business that wants to increase its sales and make more profit, including those that sell services, physical products, informational products, and even affiliate marketers.


Features of Marketing Boost High-Value Incentives

Marketing Boost offers three types of incentives to help you make more sales:

  • Complimentary vacations
  • Restaurant savings vouchers
  • Hotel gift cards. 

You can send the incentive to your client’s email address directly or print out the voucher cards to give to your clients at your physical location.

1. Complimentary Vacation

The complimentary vacation enables your customers to holiday at any resort for almost free. The voucher saves them thousands of dollars, as staying in a resort can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per night.

With a complimentary vacation voucher, all your customer has to pay is any resort fees accrued during the stay and local taxes.

They can choose between several states in the U.S. and many top international destinations including Hawaii, Fiji, Dominican Republic, South Africa, and more.

Your options include 60 locations around the world.

2. Restaurant Savings Vouchers

The restaurant savings vouchers are available in $100, $200, and $300, and can be used for more than one savings offer.

For instance, your client can use a $100 voucher to get a $15 quick bite, and the remaining $85 on casual or fine dining. All they have to do is  enter their zip code to find restaurants where they can use their cards. However, the cards can be redeemed only in the United States and Canada.

3. Hotel Gift Cards

The hotel gift cards are also available in $100, $200, and $300. With any of these vouchers, your customers can book hotel rooms anywhere in the world at more affordable travel rates.

After registration, they can find a suitable hotel of their choice, from expensive 5-star hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts, by entering their destination and dates. Your customer can also compare the savings price with the regular public price by simply clicking the compare prices button. 

More Member Benefits

  • Free Marketing Tools: Marketing Boost provides tools you need to promote your business and get prospects into your sales funnels, including a high-converting landing page and done-for-you custom video ads.  
  • Training Videos: Marketing Boost also gives you access to the Ultimate Facebook Secret course, which they used to generate over $200 million in sales. You’ll also gain access to hundreds of other video training on Business, Marketing, and Sales to help you succeed. 
  • Seamless API integration: You can also integrate Marketing Boost with several popular marketing apps to automate the process of gifting incentives to customers who purchase your product or service. This includes Clickfunnels, Zapier, Builderall, and more. Easily send out vacation incentives, cards for hotel savings, and vouchers for restaurants.
  • You get a vacation for yourself! Both in the US and an international location!


    You get a vacation for yourself! In the US or an international location!

Check out this demo video of the members only section

How Exactly Does Marketing Boost Work? 

As a Marketing Boost member, you’ll have access to high-value incentives, which you can gift your client as a bonus for buying your product or paying for your service. With a complimentary vacation, restaurant savings card, or hotel gift cards as part of your sales offer, your prospects will grab your offer more quickly. The steps for using Marketing Boost is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Step #1: Sign up for a Marketing Boost Plan. Then add the incentive to your marketing materials and integrate it on your landing page. 
  • Step #2: Gift the incentive to clients who patronize your business by simply entering their name and email address on your Marketing Boost Dashboard
  • Step #3: Your customer receives the voucher card immediately, and have to activate it within 7 days, after which it can be redeemed any time within 18 months. 

Pros of Marketing Boost

  • The complimentary vacation incentive can be used in numerous destinations worldwide, including hot spots like Vegas, Australia, and Hawaii. 
  • The restaurant savings cards are not one-off, and so can be used multiple times for different meals until the value is exhausted. 
  • There are no hidden costs for any of the incentives. The fee that your client needs to pay to redeem the voucher is clearly stated on the cards. 
  • You can use the vacation vouchers personally, once per year. So, you would be getting an almost free vacation in addition to making more sales for your business.

Cons of Marketing Boost

  • The incentive is of quite a high value, and some prospects may be turned off when you offer it to them. So, you have to make sure that you’re selling a high ticket item that matches the value of the incentive. If you sell low priced items, you can attach the bonus to a high overall shopping price. 
  • The vacation voucher is not all-expense paid. They only cover 6 days and 5 nights max at a resort or hotel, and do not include airfare and meals. Still, your customers will save thousands of dollars during their vacation. 



Marketing Boost Pricing

Marketing Boost Pricing
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Marketing Boost has three membership plans you can sign up for: The Silver, the Gold, and the Platinum. As you can see, Marketing Boost is relatively cheap for the incredible value it offers your business.

(Keep in mind, these are the prices to be paid ANNUALLY. But they have a MONTHLY tab that you can click to show its pricing. Both are affordable)

The Silver Plan

This plan costs $66/month (paid annually) and is perfect if you want to sell just a couple of products. It affords you a limited number of each of the incentives – only 10. Also, there’s no access to the platform’s comprehensive video training library, priority tech support, and more.

The Gold Plan

With an unlimited number of vacations, hotel, and restaurant vouchers, this plan is the most popular. It costs $133/month, and offers more benefits, such as free sales funnel customization, ultimate Facebook secrets video training, and more. However, it can only be used for one business only.

The Platinum Plan

This is the ideal plan for business owners or marketers who want to use the high-value incentives to promote multiple businesses. At $208/month, you can get unlimited incentives for five businesses, plus all the other benefits that come with the Gold plan.

Not sure Marketing Boost will be a great fit for your business?

Check out the Case Studies

If all of that doesn’t convince you, the Marketing Boost case studies speak for themselves… literally! With video testimonials, you can get real-time feedback from their customers about how they’ve been able to make major improvements to their conversion rates.

Most of them talk about how the amazing incentives offered real value to their clients and helped them build a rapport as well as keep customers for long-term.

Check out these real-life case studies and testimonials
(keep in mind that Marketing Boost used to be called Advertising Bait)

And these are just a few of the testimonials.

Still don’t believe Marketing Boost can help increase your sales? 


You can check out all the frequently asked questions on their site. But here are some of the top FAQ’s (click to open):

+How do I pay for these incentives?

Short answer? You don’t! Marketing Boost has partnered with hotels all over the globe to create a mutually beneficial arrangement where clients get more leads, customers get free vacations or high-value incentives, and hotels and resorts can fill those empty rooms and get more people to come to their resorts.

+What do my clients get?

Usually, the lodging is for 3 nights nationally and 5 nights internationally. Your clients will only be responsible for taxes and the resort fees accrued during that time, which typically comes out to be a small percentage of the overall cost. Clients will also need to cover transportation.

+How do I make money with Marketing Boost?

You’ll enjoy the additional income from Marketing Boost through your increased pipeline of prospects, leads, and sales. This service is designed to increase your conversion rates enormously by giving your potential clients a tangible piece of instant gratification when they engage with your business. It builds an extremely favorable initial impression with your business’s values of providing high-quality products or services that your potential clients will carry with them throughout their business with you.

+What’s the catch?

No catch! No, really. There is no catch.

+Do my customers have to take a timeshare presentation?

No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation.

This last FAQ COMPLETELY SOLD ME. I haaaaaaaate timeshare presentations

(That alone should convince you to use Marketing Boost)

Final Thoughts – Key Points

Are they hiding something or is there fine print? …No.
Marketing Boost is completely open and transparent about everything.

Is it “too good to be true?” …No.

Is Marketing Boost A Scam? …No.
Marketing Boost is not a scam!

The program sounds too good to be true, because who gives out vacation incentives worth thousands of dollars at such an affordable price?

But it’s definitely a legit platform you can leverage to make more sales.
Marketing Boost simply offers you better incentives to add extra value to your sales offer and convert more customers easily.

As a business owner, you’ve probably tried offering discounts as an incentive to make more sales. But, prospects will always continue to look for better discounts, which your competitors will be too happy to offer.

Instead of continuing to decrease your pricing to get more sales, why not use Marketing Boost to offer more unique and valuable incentives that your prospects cannot resist, and your competitor cannot easily top.

This is the best way that your business can really stand out from the crowd!

The fact is that everyone needs a vacation, and giving your customers and potential clients the opportunity to take a “time out” shows that you care and value them as people beyond their customer status.

It’s a great way to differentiate yourselves from your competition, no matter what industry your business is in.


Next Steps

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Step 3: Send us a pic of you on your free vacation

We would love to hear from you and see how your free vacation was. Send us any fun images you have of you on your vacation and let us know how much better your business is doing.

You are still reading this? You must want even more info!

Here is a full presentation from one of the founders of Marketing Boost.
It’s kinda long but feel free to watch it if you need even more info.

Ready To Get More Sales With Marketing Boost Incentives?

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