Super Affiliate Accelerator Review (SAA Review) – 2021

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

What would you do with a $1000+ commission on a high ticket affiliate product? How would your life change if you could make such high ticket commissions consistently?

It’s no longer news that high ticket affiliate marketing is lucrative. However, closing high ticket sales and getting massive commissions regularly isn’t a walk in the park. It requires utilizing a proven-to-work strategy for closing high ticket sales, and that’s what the Super Affiliate Accelerator offers.

But, this isn’t the first program promising to share the secrets to getting high ticket commissions.  So, what makes this program different? Well, in this Super Affiliate Accelerator Review, you’ll learn every little thing you need to know about this program to enable you to decide on getting it (or not).

Here’s What You’ll Learn: (feel free to click ahead)

I’m also offering some fun and awesome Super Affiliate Accelerator bonuses for everyone that purchases the training through this link.

What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator?

Super Affiliate Accelerator, also known as SAA, is Jacob Caris’ latest program that teaches affiliate marketers how to use Facebook to land customers who can pay for high ticket products. Essentially, the program helps its members earn high ticket commission by building a brand on Facebook that attracts and converts high ticket customers. Although this marketing idea of leveraging Facebook to make sales isn’t new, the SAA strategy for implementing the idea is unique.

As you’ll see in this Super Affiliate Accelerator review, the program is packed with valuable content that outlines a working strategy for raking in high ticket commissions. As a member, you’ll learn how to establish your authority and get prospects on Facebook to trust the solutions you offer for their problems. What’s more, besides high ticket affiliate marketing, you can also use SAA for other types of marketing like content marketing.

Who is Jacob Caris?

Jacob is a successful affiliate marketer based in Australia. With 100+ affiliates, he is a ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner, and has earned over $100k in commissions to become a Legendary Marketer Platinum Affiliate. In fact, he made his first $100k affiliate commission in a day promoting the first Knowledge Broker Blueprint and was ranked 11th on the leaderboard.

Over the years, Jacob has created three successful products, including SAA, and even dabbled into blogging, paid ads, and email marketing. You can watch the videos on his YouTube channel to learn more about him or join his free Facebook group for some free value-packed content that will improve your marketing skills. Now, let’s dive into the SAA review proper.

What Exactly Does The Super Affiliate Accelerator Offer?

When you sign up for SAA, you’ll get immediate access to the program’s three main components, which are outlined below.

1.      Membership Training Portal

You’ll get the login details to the membership training portal, where the core training of the Super Affiliate Accelerator is done. The portal is loaded with 11 in-depth course modules (for now) in which Jacob teaches his unique process for selling high ticket affiliate products consistently. Each of the modules contains several short video lessons that are clearly explained with possible real-life scenarios.

One module in particular, provides a detailed sales script showing you exactly what to do and say to successfully sell. The 11-step sales script framework teaches you how to attract, engage and close every qualified prospect via Messenger. This script also helps you filter prospects, so you don’t waste time on those who are not qualified to purchase your high ticket offer. (THIS MODULE ALONE IS WORTH 20x WHAT THE PROGRAM COSTS)

Beyond this, there are also modules that cover getting the right sales mindset, understanding your target customer, and affiliate training for beginner affiliate marketers. New modules and videos are also uploaded frequently, as improved strategies are discovered.

2.     Weekly Live Training

You’ll be able to join the private live training hosted weekly by Jacob and the two other successful coaches in the program (Jamie Gardiner & Chris Donnelly). During the weekly sessions, which are often over an hour-long, the coach(es) give new information, as well as provide valuable insights into the SAA strategy.  Furthermore, they take questions from members and give detailed answers that help everyone. They answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION no matter how long it takes. This gives you the chance to get solutions to any problem you may have encountered while implementing what you learned in the program.  

3.     Expert Community Support

You’ll be added to a private Facebook mastermind with 500+ active members. You can leverage the diverse members’ knowledge, including that of several top affiliates and SEO and Copywriting experts, to enhance your affiliate marketing skills. This means that you don’t need to wait for the weekly live training to get help. You can just ask your question in the group, and someone with experience will surely give you a helpful answer. Moreover, the group is structured into categories that allow easy navigation in finding help or staying motivated. Some of the categories include Past Weekly Sessions, Q&A threads, Wins, and Daily Actions.

Top Affiliate Marketers + Other Reasons To Join SAA

Imagine what it means to have a 2CC award winner help solve any affiliate marketing problem you may have. The Super Affiliate Accelerator program has top affiliate marketers who have made successful online business leveraging high ticket affiliate marketing commissions.
These super affiliate members actively engage with other members in the Facebook group, answering questions and offering valuable insights. What’s more, if these successful marketers invested in SAA, then you’ll agree that there must be something unique to learn from the program.

Another reason to join the SAA program is the comprehensive training content, each of which is short and to the point. There’s no fluff, no B.S. and no chance of getting bored or confused mid-way. In addition, you have lifetime access to all the content, and you can download them to rewatch offline.
Jacob and the other coaches also offer full support that you won’t find with most similar programs. Lastly, you don’t need to be a top affiliate marketer or have any special tech skills to succeed with the program.

You can check out the content of all the modules at this link

Things You Should Know About SAA Before You Join

There’s no doubt that Super Affiliate Accelerator can help you rake in high ticket commissions. However, there are things about the program that may make it unsuitable for you.
First of all, SAA is an action-required program, not a done-for-you program. So, if you can’t honestly commit to implementing the SAA strategies, then you shouldn’t join, as it won’t work for you.

Next, the program requires engaging with the coaches and other members to get the most out of it. Thus, you have to be comfortable with asking questions and interacting with other affiliate marketers.

Lastly, the course itself is a high ticket product and requires an investment. But, there are now several different price points and options to choose from making it possible for everyone to be able to afford it.

How Much Does The Super Affiliate Accelerator Cost?

As mentioned before, SAA is a high ticket program, which is presently priced at $2500. There’s also a 3-month payment plan that allows you to pay $1000/month, with access to the full program.

UPDATE: There are now several payment options to select from depending on what you need and want to get out of the program.

I am in the core program so I can attend the weekly coaching calls and the FB group support. But, if you want the 1 on 1 calls with Jacob then feel free to choose the Deluxe options.

The total value of SAA is estimated at $18482 and the sales script alone is worth double that!

How To Join SAA?

There are 2 ways to join SAA.
1. Click this link to apply for a (non-salesy) phone call with the team. This option is great for those who still have concerns.
2. Click on this exclusive link and go directly to the checkout. This option is great for those who are ready to join.

Jacob likes to talk with prospective members on a call before they join to ensure that the program is the right fit for them. He does this particularly because SAA has a strict no-refund policy, and so only members that will put in the effort required are admitted.

So, if you would like to skip the screening process, you can join the program right now with this link.

Or you can first get started with the Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) course. SAI is a 4-part course that teaches the foundations of the SAA program and allow you to join SAA when you are ready. Although valued at $550+, and going up in price every few months, you can get the SAI course for $100 only at this link.

SAA Review Summary

SAA is a legit program that teaches a proven high-ticket sales process that works. It is created by a successful marketer and offers a full package that will get you raking in high ticket commission in no time.
With this Super Affiliate Accelerator Review outlining the program’s membership training portal, weekly live calls and community support, you can now understand everything it entails.

Here is everything you get when you sign up for SAA Core:

  • ​Lifetime Access To SAA 42 Day Core High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training Program (Value = $4,997) 
  • ​Lifetime Access To All Future Training Updates (Value = $1,997)
  • Lifetime Access To The Private Facebook Mastermind Group With 6 & 7 Figure Earners (Value = $1,997)
  • Access To Weekly Group Coaching & Mentorship Calls/FB Live Sessions ($2,497)
  • Access To All Previous Mastermind Group Coaching & Mentorship Calls ($1,997)
  • Exclusive Access To The SAA Affiliate Program Paying Up To 50% Commissions (Value = $4,997)
  • ​Total Real World Value = $18,482

To make this an absolute “no-brainer” here are ALL the bonuses you will get if you sign up with me:

  • Mentoring from Me (over FB messenger) (VALUE $1997)
    I will personally help you and keep you accountable during your SAA training and will be readily available if you have any questions.
  • Group Convert (VALUE $297)
    It’s a simple chrome extension that will collect the email addresses of each of your new FB group members and send them directly into your favorite email autoresponder.
  • WatcherSpy (VALUE $297)
    WatcherSpy is a chrome extension that lets you follow everyone on your Dream100 list, on every platform they are on. This is great for content ideas.
  • Software-In-A-Box (VALUE $497)
    I am also giving you a “Software in a Box” membership that you can use to create unlimited Group Convert and Watcher Spy accounts to give away as bonuses for your offers. Just reach out to me when you’ve made your first sale and I will get your account setup.
  • Destination Resort Getaway! (VALUE $1495)
    125 worldwide locations to choose from. 18-24 months to decide. Airfare not included*. Not a joke. Not a scam. No time share presentation. You simply choose the resort.
  • $500 Hotel Voucher  (VALUE $500)
    This can be used at over 800,000 major hotels and resorts as a discount for hotel stays, car rentals, and vacation activities like excursions.
  • ​Total Added Value = $5,083

I hope this was helpful to you.
If you have any questions feel free to message me (hit that little chat button over there ???)

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